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Freida Pinto's 'Trishna' to have a January release

Written By kom nampultig on Jumat, 31 Oktober 2014 | 21.44

Internationally acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom's 'Trishna', which stars Freida Pinto in the lead, is all set to hit screens on January 30, 2015 in India. The trailer, which was launched a day ago, has already touched 1 lakh hits within 24 hours.

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A source says, "The trailer of Winterbottom's adaptation of Thomas Hardy's novel Tess of the d'Ubervilles, which is set in India, was released on Oct 29 at 9pm. The film has Freida Pinto and Riz Ahmed in the lead. Trishna is set to release in India on Jan 30 next year."

Producer Sunil Bohra says, "This is a project we're very proud of and we know the story and its intensity will be a huge eye opener for audiences and will definitely be a film that will create an impact. Michael is a brilliant story teller and with great actors like Freida and Riz, Trishna will certainly be a film to watch out for. Tess is an iconic piece of literature and having it adapted to India with such authenticity and depth is just amazing for me to see, both as an audience and as a member of the film fraternity."

WATCH: Freida Pinto Won't Work With Bf Dev Patel Again - BT

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Kidman learnt a thing about grief post dad's death

Nicole Kidman has revealed that she has learned a thing or two about grief after her father's death.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Eyes Wide Shut star said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she has realized that people don't talk about grief enough in terms of society.

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She said that everybody loses their parents and it's awful and she's sorry to bring everything down, but she's at the same time trying to navigate through something right now and that she is amazed when people reach out, because it's an awkward thing at times.

Kidman added that when one realizes that someone has gone through a similar thing or is going through a similar thing, it really connects them.

WATCH: Nicole Kidman Is Baby Crazy

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'Acting with one's wife even more exciting'

TV actor Hiten Tejwani is joining the cast of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi, which stars his wife and actress Gauri Pradhan Tejwani. He is "excited" to work with his real life partner in the show.

Hiten and Gauri were the leading pair in Kutumb, which went on air in 2001, and after many years, they are sharing the screen space once again.

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"Any role for an actor is exciting, but acting with your (one's) wife is even more exciting. We'll be spending more time on the sets now. Earlier, we used to shoot on different locations, now we'll get to spend more time together," Hiten told IANS by phone from Mumbai.

When asked how the experience of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi will be different from Kutumb, the actor said: "Well, the characters are different. Also, when we were shooting 'Kutumb', we weren't married. But now we're married."

"When you are performing opposite to your wife, the comfort level is very high from the beginning. With other co-actors, it takes a little while to reach a certain comfort level."

The couple tied the knot in 2004 and welcomed twins, son Neevan and daughter Katya, in 2009.

Gauri had previously mentioned that she would like to work with her husband when she joined Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi, and now that her wish has come true, she is pretty excited too.

Although Hiten and Gauri's five-year-old twins aren't allowed to watch TV, the actor is willing to bend the rules for this show.

On being asked how his children would react on seeing them together on the screen, he said: "They will be happy to see us together. Actually, they are not allowed to watch TV as of now, but we will let them see a scene or two where we are together."

Although Hiten's schedule is busy with Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi, the actor is willing to take up new projects.

"I'll be busy with 'Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi', but let's see what happens. Talks are going on. If something really nice turns up and I have time, then I'll do it," he said.

WATCH: Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Behind The Scenes On Location

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10 things that prove Sonam is 'bold and beautiful'



Sonam Kapoor is one Bollywood diva who is known for being honest, bold and doesn't believe in being diplomatic. Her positive attitude and confidence makes her the bold and beautiful actress in Bollywood. People love her for being herself and her family is also proud of her. In an exclusive conversation with The Times Of India, Sonam's sister Rhea said that she loves her honesty. "I think it's important to be who you are. There are many actors who think about their image and pretend. However, when actors do that, they either get exposed or they lose themselves," said Rhea. Being honest and upfront comes naturally to Sonam's sister as well. She adds, "I am very happy the way Sonam is. She is always honest towards her fans. Everyone makes mistakes, but when you are honest about it, you get victory. I don't want her to change as people have enjoyed Sonam even on-screen because she is true and honest." 

Sonam Kapoor: What makes the actress bold and beautiful



Bold with fashion: She is a true fashionista, but when it comes to taking inspiration, Sonam Kapoor looks up to veterans like Waheeda Rehman and Rekha. She is known for her fashion sense. When asked about being a fashion diva, Sonam claimed, "It's not a responsibility to be a fashion diva. I enjoy it and also enjoy getting up in morning and putting on make-up, getting ready. I don't think there is any girl, who doesn't like to not look good and wear good clothes." 

Sonam Kapoor: What makes the actress bold and beautiful



Confident to face the camera: Sonam has always been very camera friendly. The actress always made her presence felt at events and parties. However, she claims that she is very simple when it comes to her personal choices. She is very confident in front of cameras and is known to be herself in different situations. The actress has portrayed different roles and gets into the skin of her character when it comes to film. Sonam's simplicity has charmed one and all. Her million fans don't want her to change and love her for her upfront attitude. 

Sonam Kapoor: What makes the actress bold and beautiful



Bold statements: Sonam Kapoor has always been honest and candid during public interactions. The actress also spoke openly about her relationships. In an interview, she said, " I have no baggage with my relationships and everything I have done is with all heart. Even if something doesn't work out, I am friends with all of them. There is nothing dirty about the break-up. Also, if it doesn't end on a negative, it's easy to be friends with your exes. It's not tough but the closure is important." When asked about her real life expectations, Sonam said, " I like potential in people. If I find someone, who has lot of potential and can do something with life then I don't see bank balance, which family he comes from, or his religion. I am extremely idealistic and extremely impractical in life which is not the best thing on this planet but it has held me in good position till now." 

Sonam Kapoor: What makes the actress bold and beautiful



Choice of films: Sonam Kapoor has made some bold choices when it comes to her films. The actress after being termed as glam diva didn't hesitate to do de-glam roles in films like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Sonam also was confident when she took up a challenging role like Raanjhanaa. Dhanush and Sonam thrilled one and all with their on-screen camaraderie. In the past, when asked about her opinion on banning item numbers in films or requesting girls to dress in a certain way to avoid crime rates, Sonam had said, "I think it's so stupid to think about banning songs. So what if we wear certain type of clothes or do certain things? We are not doing anything wrong. Men have to look at us differently." 

Sonam Kapoor: What makes the actress bold and beautiful



Bikini: Sonam Kapoor wore a bikini in Bewakoofiyaan for the first time in her Bollywood career. The actress worked on her body and made sure that she takes everyone by surprise. She looked her glam best and managed to grab attention. In an interview in the past, Sonam had said, "I am trying to be a girl who is real and has an opinion. Might say stupid things but not scared of men and for me that's important." 

Sonam Kapoor: What makes the actress bold and beautiful



International presence: Sonam Kapoor is not only famous in India, but has made a special place for herself at the international level too. The actress is known for her Cannes appearances. In an interview to IANS, Tommy Hilfiger praised Sonam. When asked if he follows any particular actor or actress in the tinsel town, he was quick to name Sonam. "Sonam Kapoor is amazing. She is beautiful, smart and incredible," said Tommy Hilfiger, who has spent 30 years in the fashion industry creating new trends. 

Sonam Kapoor: What makes the actress bold and beautiful



Independence: Sonam Kapoor is the Kapoor girl, but she is an independent and confident girl. In an interview with TOI, Sonam said, " "I only worked for past few years. I don't do too many things at the same time. I do very classy things as suppose to 'mass-y' things in life. Last nine years, I am working and didn't take a rupee from my father. To maintain my lifestyle I couldn't take holiday in past few years. First time I made enough money to take holiday and have saved for a vacation," added the Kapoor daughter. The Kapoor girl revealed that her father Anil Kapoor gives more importance to her career than her relationships. " My dad is cool and chilled out. He doesn't think it's important to marry early. For my dad it's about my career as he knows how important it is for me. He wants me to be a better actor and a better person and make great films. That's his ambition for me. When it comes to relationships it's all secondary. He doesn't pay much importance to it which is how I think parents in India should be. Parents should think about your growth as professional career rather than who are you going to get married to," said the actress. 

Sonam Kapoor: What makes the actress bold and beautiful



Intelligent and well read: Sonam Kapoor is intelligent and also well read. She is known to speak her heart out about issues, and expresses her views on many actresses in Bollywood who try to be diplomatic. Sonam claims that it is not the right way to inspire the youth. On being asked about the changing situation of women in the industry, Sonam said, "I hope the condition of women changes in India. Bollywood is different. For me films are the reflection of what society is. The society needs to change and then films will change. Films and art don't dictate society, they reflect society. I am trying very hard in terms of small things, the way I conduct myself and talk to people. There are lot of heroines, who are prim and proper and are diplomatic. They don't want to give opinions and don't want to speak about anyone. In many ways, we are setting a wrong example for the girls and that's not a cool thing to do. The society should change," added Sonam. 

Sonam Kapoor: What makes the actress bold and beautiful



In demand among directors and Bollywood loves her: Sonam is the favourite among many Bollywood directors and actors. Her Ranjhanaa co-star, Swara in a conversation with TOI had said, "Sonam is a very nice girl. She is a very warm person and I have not seen someone as secure as Sonam Kapoor." During Raanjhanaa too Dhanush was all praises for the Kapoor daughter. He had said, "She is a great person. She was very supportive throughout the film. Sonam didn't laugh at me or my Hindi." 

Sonam Kapoor: What makes the actress bold and beautiful

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Movie Review: Super Nani

Meena Iyer, TNN, Oct 31, 2014, 12.18PM IST


1) With Super Nani, Rekha Returns to the silver screen in a leading role after a long sabbatical

2) Randhir Kapoor and Rekha will also be seen romancing after a long time

3) The makers of Super Nani were impressed with Sharman Joshi's short film on the importance of mothers and hence an extra scene was added to the film based on the short story

4) Rekha will also be seen imitating the mannerisms of Amitabh Bachchan Shweta Kumar, the actress opposite Sharma makes her debut with the film is director Indra Kumar's daughter.

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Dev Patel to star with Nicole Kidman in 'Lion'

Dev Patel will be starring alongside Nicole Kidman in the Weinstein Co.'s new drama, 'Lion.'

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The project, which would be helmed by Garth Davis, is based on the memoir A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley, and follows a street kid from Kolkata, India, played by the Slumdog Millionaire star, 24, who's adopted by an Australian couple, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

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It was believed that Hugh Jackman would also star in the film, which was adapted by Luke Davies for the screen, but the actor's agent has denied any connection to the project.

WATCH: Dev Patel shooting in India - TOI

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Movie Review: Ben Affleck's 'Gone Girl'

Written By kom nampultig on Kamis, 30 Oktober 2014 | 21.45

Reagan Gavin Rasquinha, TNN, Oct 30, 2014, 04.48PM IST


1) This Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris- starrer thriller is an adaptation from the novel 'Gone Girl' written by Gillian Flynn.

2) Ben Affleck reportedly postponed directing a film in order to work with David Fincher, who is the director of the film.

3) In order to figure out his character, Ben Affleck studied and researched several men who were convicted of killing their wives.

4) It is said that actresses like Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman and Emily Blunt were considered for the role of Amy Dunne.

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Movie Review: 'Roar - Tigers of the Sundarbans'

Renuka Vyavahare, TNN, Oct 30, 2014, 04.06PM IST


1) The film was shot with real Bengal Tigers

2) One tigress called Shika wouldn't perform in front of the camera, until Rock music was played in the background

3) And another tigress Asia would shoot only in sub-zero conditions

4) Varinder Ghuman who plays a vital character in the film doesn't know how to swim and was asked to shoot a vital swimming scene

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Shahrukh Khan does not read reviews

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has confessed he stays away from reading film reviews and catches them only if they are funny.

"I don't read reviews (not taking away from the importance of reviews)," SRK told mediapersons here Wednesday.

"I have a sense of humour and most of the time my sense of humour is about how I can make fun of myself, about 70 percent of the time, and 30 percent of the time it is about making fun of others.

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"But they take it very, very, seriously so I stopped doing it," he added

SRK was in town to celebrate the success of his latest release "Happy New Year."

"So, I do it just about myself and if it's a review I try and catch it only if it's funny. If it's serious about how filmmaking should be, I am really serious about filmmaking, so I don't really want to get into that," he said.

The Farah Khan-directed "Happy New Year", which released Oct 24, is yielding profits at the box office - it crossed Rs. 100 crore in the opening weekend itself. Produced by Shah Rukh's Red Chillies Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. (RCE), the film raked in Rs.108.86 crore.

Listen to Happy New Year songs on Gaana.com

WATCH: Shah Rukh Khan: I don't want to cheat my audience -BT

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Bigg Boss 8: Praneet says Gautam is negative

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. Taking this thought forward the unpredictable house of Bigg Boss started a brand new morning with a classic 80's number, 'AajNaChodungaTujhe' which set the tone for the day.

During the day, Bigg Boss announced new captaincy elections and asked the housemates to volunteer their names with legitimate reasons.

Gautam was the first one to volunteer, hence becoming the first contender to compete in the race to become the next captain of the house. Other housemates had to then decide on one contender who will stand up against Gautam. Upen was selected with group consensus.

Race for Captaincy task named, "Aaj Na Chodunga Tujhe" is launched with Upen and Gautam competing against each other. The task required both the contenders to choose two partners of their choice who will support them in the task. Upen selects Aarya and Ali while Gautam selects Puneet and Pritam. On the battle ground, both Upen and Gautam are supposed to hold one black pole each, given to them, while the selected partners would try to detach the opposite contender from the pole and drag him towards the given white line. The person who will be dragged towards the white line first, will lose.

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Before the task starts, Diandra, Praneet and Karishma were seen trying to manipulate Pritam so that he supports Upen's team. When Pritam asks Praneet as to what he should do, Praneet tells him that he knows Gautam is negative.

During the task, it takes Ali and Aarya just a few seconds to drag Gautam to the white line. Puneet is nervous to use his physical strength due to his previous tiff where he had hurt Gautam physically. As a result Upen wins the task and is announced as the new captain of the house.

A back stabbed Gautam is seen talking to himself post the task as to how Puneet could have done better but due to his fear of using his strength he did not perform well, little knowing that Puneet did what he did deliberately. Puneet is later seen telling his co-contestants that he did not play loyally with Gautam as he wanted Upen to become the captain.

Gautam is later seen confronting Puneet and Pritam about what had happened during the task. Puneet admits to Gautam that he could have done better but he didn't and therefore is guilty about it, smoothly getting away with the betrayal.

Upen then gathers all the housemates in the living area to discuss and reshuffle the house duties for the coming week letting people volunteer themselves as to what they will be comfortable doing, promising a peaceful and happy week ahead.

Will Upen be able to lead the housemates appropriately or no? Only time will tell.

WATCH: Bigg Boss 8: I'd love to have Diandra as my bhabhi says Soni -BT

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